We are a team of engineers that has been developing the smartest LED technology for over two years and is ready to lead an industry to change.

The Smartest Product

The world is cluttered with LED products from light bulbs to retrofit fixtures and they all help to reduce energy use and associated costs, but is that the best we can do? At ALGLO we don't believe so. The products hitting shelves today still run off of 120v AC power and require a lot of technology in every bulb or fixture. Because of this, consumers are spending a lot more on the products, materials are being wasted, and the life expectancy of the end product is nowhere near what it could be and what you are reading on labels today.

ALGLO's products are the highest quality LED products because they utilize LED technology the way it should be driven.

Focused on Sustainability

ALGLO is the first company to introduce a True LED lighting system into several industries. ALGLO's True LED lighting system, driven by our POP Switch for small applications and Sensation Switches in larger applications, reduces the energy used by more than 80% compared to traditional incandescent lights and over 13% compared to the current efficient LED replacement products. True LED also enables LEDs to reach their maximum potential in life expectancy, reducing the materials needed during frequent replacement.

Save Money AND Save Your Customers Money

When building new buildings, construction and material costs matter. With ALGLO's lighting system you save on materials and labor. But that's not it, you also save your customers money with the most energy efficient lighting on the market. Whether that savings is being passed along to future home buyers, apartment tenants, or pre-fab customers, ALGLO provides you with competitive advantage in more than one form.

Save Energy to Help the Environment

ALGLO knows that saving energy helps the environment. Our energy-efficient lighting systems use less energy than incandescent light bulbs as well as replacement LED products, which helps conserve natural resources used in power generation and prevent greenhouse gas emissions. As consumers increasingly recognize the need to take responsibility for the environment and buy sustainable products, ALGLO continues to innovate and create the most energy efficient lighting systems possible.


At ALGLO, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our lighting products without sacrificing performance. Our True LED light switches and packages are designed to meet your lighting challenges, while saving you money. For True LED systems that offer the performance you need, look no further, e-mail us at or call 775.636.7660 to speak with an ALGLO sales engineer today and create a custom, energy-saving lighting solution to fit your needs.